Colaxy Review Guidelines


We are pleased that you are interested to join Colaxy and help us with our mission to expedite the innovation and help developers around the world to come out and demonstrate their skills that they are developing throughout their career. Information technology is growing faster than any other technology has ever grown, and yet there is none sophisticated platform for the developers to showcase their talent or the innovative work that they have been doing all the time. To compile with our mission, we are forced to maintain the quality of items that goes on colaxy which truly leaves the impression of developer's passion and creative work. Thus, we encourage all developers to read the following guidelines before submitting their work.

Content Validation

  • The item must have accurate description that compile with software that you are uploading.
  • Any item that has pornographics material in terms of description, image, video or software content will be rejected.
  • The images and video must be accurate that compile with software.
  • The upload has to be done in the zip file.
  • If you have chosen the option "Includes comments", then Colaxy team will verify the commenting in the code and will be rejected if not found or not found enough commenting that we may feel be useful for people who download your work.
  • If you have chosen the option "Includes Documentation", then the Colaxy team will verify that the zip file that you have uploaded has documentation file attached to it. If not found, the item will be rejected
  • You are not allowed to upload same or similar item that is already on colaxy by another seller.

Innovation Validation

Your work must satisfactory shows the innovative and creative work. If you are uploading any basic code or program that can be easily learn, then such items may be rejected. However, it also depends on the technology and how easily the resources are available to learn that technology. For example, GoogleGlass, Raspberry Pi are still emerging technology and for that, we may consider most of the work as innovative. Following are some of the example, that explain the lack of innovation.

  • Sample code with
  • A sample of mobile application that serve the purpose of basic learning.
  • Any "Hello World" application