About Us

Colaxy.com is the platform for software geeks and engineers to create the digital showcase of their software work. Colaxy provides a great platform to find out innovative software source.

Think about software geeks who are keep writing amazing softwares everyday. Most of the time, it's not finished consumer product or plugin, but it's just a geeky stuff that is very creative and innovative. Such software usually end up being in the developer's computer and eventually a developer will lose interest in his work. We don't want that to happen. We hate to see such talent go in vain. And that's why we build Colaxy - a platform where software developer can create a showcase or gallery of their geeky stuff and let it reach out to millions of people.

With colaxy, developers can create a portfolio of their talent and it's more than just words on LinkedIn profile page. A developer and his talent will be evaluated by many others real people.