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A Developer’s Showroom - Colaxy is the platform for software geeks and hobbyist developer to build a portfolio of their creative software work.

Lot of tech savvy software developers are writing creative softwares throughout their career, but such work never get to meet the world and the developer's talent and skill remains unnoticed. Colaxy is the place to build the portfolio of all your geeky software that you are writing as fun project or as hobbyist. If such work has potential, let it reach out to world and let be use for the greater purpose. Your skills and talent showcase on Colaxy speaks more than just few words on your lnkedin profile.

Colaxy is the most effective way for software developers to build a portfolio of their development skills, which eventually speaks more than just a few words on professional social networks.

Colaxy is built around one mission to serve a unique experience to a developer to build talent portfolio and be discovered by world.

Absolutely. Your work is safe and secure on our cloud. At the same time, it’s open to download for all of our registered user who are passionate about development and thrive to learn and explore excellent projects. At Colaxy, you are creating your portfolio to demonstrate your skills and also to contribute your talent to help other to learn, explore and innovate.

You work will be evaluated in three categories as “Innovative”, “Creative” and “Code Quality”. Developers who download your code will have an opportunity to give you rating in these three categories. Your rating will be visible to everyone who access our public profile page on Colaxy.

GitHub is focused on collaboration and contribution to build framework on a targeted technology, plus the repository of the source code. However, Colaxy is exclusively build around one idea of having a gallery of your talent and skills that you have developed throughout your career. Just like any other platform for artist in Music, design, Photography, fashion design to create a gallery of their talent, Colaxy is the platform for software developers who are exploring and learning the modern software technologies.

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